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News & Photograph Gallery:
Photographs of UA pipefitters training on portable tube and pipe fabrication equipment during a heavy wall pipe fabrication and welding class held in Ann Arbor, MI.
MILLHOG demonstration vehicle is available to provide onsite demonstrations for portable tube and pipe beveling and fabrication equipment manufactured by ESCO Tool. Contact Tube & Pipe Technologies, Inc. to set up a demonstration at your shop or construction site!
Tube & Pipe Technologies furnished a mechanical contracting company portable tube stub socket weld removal tooling and equipment to safely and effectively remove a socket-welded tube stub and prep the header for a new socket weld and tube seat. No torching required.
Step # 1: Saw cut tubes from header.    Step # 2:  Grind down tube stub flush to header.        Step # 3: Machine out old weld material and tube stub.
Spent an afternoon at AEP's Weld Training Facility in Point Pleasant, WV with two long-time AEP master technicians working within the "RSO" (Regional Services Operations) Group.  This RSO group supplies certified welders and other skilled tradespeople to perform onsite repair and maintenance services for work taking place during an emergency/planned power plant shutdown.

Short HISTORY of ESCO Tool and AEP's RSO Group working together:

In 1975 (ish) ESCO Tool started manufacturing portable pneumatic boiler tube weld prep tooling and equipment.  James Kueker, ESCO's Mfgr. Rep, working with RSO and ESCO's in-house engineer Steve Nerone produced the very first milling machines in the US to be utilized to machine weld preps (bevels) on the ends of large waterwall boiler tube panel sections at AEP's Philip Sporn power plant.
Two long-time AEP RSO welding specialists shown on left are John Lyons and Rick Findley. Each are holding an original ESCO Tool model "0624" milling machine produced in the 1970s...still operational.  Alex, on the right, is the Grandson of the founder of ESCO Tool
Typical waterwall boiler tube panel in a power plant.  These boilers are enormous and consist of thousands of welded boiler tubes.