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Tube & Pipe Technologies, Inc. (TPT) is a manufacturer's representative company offering unique tooling, equipment and field services for boiler, pressure vessel and piping applications.  For over 35 years our focus has been directed towards supporting our customers with prompt, professional and courteous sales and service.  TPT also supplies portable rental tooling and equipment for just about any tube, pipe or machining or pipe fit-up application.  Call us today for help on your next construction, maintenance, repair or fabrication project.
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Tooling, Equipment for:
  • Portable pipe cutting machinery
  • Portable pipe weld-prep & beveling machinery
  • Pipe and shell weld joint fit-up, forming and alignment clamps
  • Boiler tube and heat exchanger weld-prep and expanding equipment
  • ​Portable air-powered saws for cutting boiler tube panels
  • Portable flange facing equipment
New Product Release by ESCO Tool:  The "COHOG", portable "clamshell-style" pipe severing and weld prepping (beveling) machine.