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Special Application and Service Projects:
Power Plant Attemperator Nozzle Machining Project
Project consisted of making a single cut and double bevel at the existing weld on three 12" x 10" nozzle reducers.  Utilized a MACTECH clamshell pipe cutting and beveling machine to complete the operation. The cut allowed the heat probe to be removed in order to inspect the attemperator header liner. 
Weld tech utilizing a portable, pneumatic, ESCO Tool Wart MILLHOG machine to re-size a 3" OD SCH 160 pipe ID to accept the insertion of a 2" OD SCH 160 socket-welded pipe to pipe connection on an existing 8" drain pipe elbow.  Weld tech was able to complete the task in under 30 minutes. 
Prepping ID and OD of a Drain Line Elbow Nozzle
Powerplant watertube boiler drum with 3" OD x .380 MW boiler tube to header socket-welded connections.  Project is to saw cut tubes to be replaced, tube stubs ground down smooth to the header, and providing a mechanical machining method of socket-weld and tube stub material removal from the header. ESCO Tool's MILLHOG portable milling machine is used to mechanically remove all 240 (x 2 two headers) socket-welded tube stubs.
Large boiler manufacturing company uses Tube & Pipe Technologies to provide special boiler tube weld-prep equipment to produce consistent and quality end-preps on each weld-joint. Photograph is of a large Circular CFB boiler fabricated for the steel industry.
One of the services that Tube & Pipe Technologies provides to our clients is onsite training on the equipment and tooling we offer for sale or rent.

We do support trade schools and union halls in our area of coverage which includes OH, PA, WV, MD and VA. Some of the products we supply are:
    * Pipe cutting and beveling machines
    * Pipe alignment clamps for weld joints
    * Boiler tube weld prep and fit-up tooling
    * Portable machining equipment (flange facing).

Photo was taken at a Plumbers and Steamfitters Local in VA.  Weld techs are practicing making heavy-wall machine cuts and preps utilizing a clamshell cold-cutting and beveling machine supplied by TPT.
Tube & Pipe Tech rented our client a 50" split-frame pipe cutting and beveling machine to perform in-place severs and pipe-end weld preps on multiple 48" OD x 1.25" wall manifold/header inlet piping.  Client is machine welding each pipe to header connection, and then fitting up each joint utilizing one of our pipe alignment clamps. Cold cuts and bevels are perfectly machined by having the ability to center and square the machine to the owner's cut-length and design specifications. Onsite machining and welding was performed at a petrochemical cracking unit in WV utilizing highly-skilled union labor.
Training at clients fabrication facility prior to project kick-off.  24" OD x 2.5" wall main steam piping cuts, counterbores and bevels.
Tube & Pipe Technologies is representing the new BEAR CLAMP Company precision pipe alignment clamps manufactured here in the US.  They are possibly the best pipe weld joint alignment clamp on the market today.  They form the pipe round (SCH 40), push-pull the weld gap around, set the hi-low all in one easy set-up. Photo on left is of Bear on a 10" SCH 10 CS piping project in NY and photo on left is Bear on a 26" OD tie-in joint on a mountaintop gas pipeline project. Visit www.bearclamp.com for more information.